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The Scotts

Our journey in the world of events and weddings began many years ago when one man bought a large piece of property for his children and himself to enjoy.  It was a place Bill Scott often visited with his four children and still visits with his family today. 


This quaint place in the mountains evolved into a family getaway and the place the Scott Family boarded their horses.  As young teenagers Ryan and Rachel Scott spent many afternoons at Bull Mountain Lodge riding horses through the mountains.  As years passed, the two friends fell in love and were married.  


As the family has grown larger, many family events have been hosted out at Bull Mountain Lodge.  During these family events the Scott’s often discussed sharing it’s beauty with the rest of the world.  Ryan and Rachel, along with other members of the Scott family, took a leap of faith and began the design of Bull Mountain Lodge.  


With much support and love from family and friends, the lodge was completed.  It’s beauty and uniqueness surpasses any other.  The Bull Mountain Lodge Family strives to make every celebration an unforgettable event.   

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